The most frequently asked questions

REKORD briquettes from Lusatia are characterised by the following:

  • High calorific value (5.3 kWh/kg, or 19 MJ/kg)
  • Low sulphur and ash contents
  • Optimal burning behaviour
  • Long lasting embers
  • High degree of shape retention during combustion and low abrasion
  • Clean and uncomplicated handling

Storage information is provided on the paper bag or the inlay of the stretch foil packaging.

Briquettes to be stored and their packaging must be dry and cool. They have to be stored in well ventilated rooms and air circulation between the briquettes must be ensured. Never store briquettes near sources of heat. Check at regular intervals. Non-observance of these instructions may result in self-ignition of the briquettes!

Much smoke or smoulder usually indicates that the wrong fuel is used.

  • Painted or varnished wood
  • Damp wood
  • Coated wood
  • Chipboards or similar
  • Garbage (above all plastic)
  • Wrong briquette format

Let the fire burn down or die. Make sure the residue has completely cooled down and is no longer glowing and then dispose of it to the residual waste container.

Please check the quality of the correct fuel before heating again!

Basically, it makes sense to combine fuel wood and lignite briquettes. Usually, you should use fuel wood to quickly start the fire and then put on briquettes when the fire is burning to keep the heat and the embers. Always make sure the fuel wood is untreated and sufficiently dry to prevent unnecessary emissions. The wood must have been stored for two years in a dry and weather-protected place, so that the residual moisture content is less than the admissible 20% (according to the Federal Immission Control Act).

The packaging of the REKORD briquettes from Lusatia can be disposed of in the normal way to the "Green Dot" recycling bin (stretch-wrapped foil and bundle straps) or the waste paper bin (paper bags).

Never put hot ash directly into the refuse bin! The ash must first be put into a fire-proof metal container until it has cooled down completely. Make sure the metal container also stands on fire-proof ground (e.g. tiles or stone), so the floor will not be damaged by any residual heat. Once the ash is cold and there are no more embers, the residues can be slowly emptied into the residual waste container.

This may have several reasons:

  • Wrong fuel
  • Wrong ignition procedure
  • Excessive charging of the heating appliance
  • Wrong air regulation; read the heating appliance manufacturer's instructions about this.

Please check the correct handling of REKORD briquettes and, if necessary, consult the operating instructions of the heating appliance.

A sooted window usually indicates improper operation of the appliance, e.g. incorrect air regulation or use of wrong or low-quality fuels. This should not occur if you are operating the appliance as specified in the operating instructions of your heating appliance. Briquettes not meeting the quality standard of REKORD briquettes from Lusatia or treated or too moist wood may be a reason. REKORD briquettes from Lusatia are subject to continuous strict quality control and excellently suited for wood stove operation. In cold condition, soiled window panes can be cleaned with a glass cleaner, a baking oven cleaner or conventional scouring milk.

Usually, all important questions are dealt with in the appliance operating instructions. Should anything be unclear, nevertheless, please contact the appliance manufacturer.

The right person to ask is the district's master chimney sweep. You can find him in business directories such as the yellow pages at "Chimney sweeps".

Lignite briquettes must be used only in approved fireplaces warranted by the heating appliance manufacturer in its operating instructions to be suitable for lignite briquettes. In general, the following applies: Lignite briquettes must be used only in heating appliances with a closed combustion chamber that have a grate and an ash pan. Carefully read the heating appliance operating instructions and if in doubt ask the appliance manufacturer.

REKORD briquettes from Lusatia meet the demanding requirements of the Federal Emission Control Act. The following needs to be observed to enable good and clean combustion:

The right fuel

The right fireplace

The right handling

Simply watch our product video. For more information, you may consult the operating instructions provided by the appliance manufacturer.