Industrial park Schwarze Pumpe

The Schwarze Pumpe energy site is located in Lower Lusatia, some 130 km south of Berlin, near the borders to Poland and the Czech Republic. The refining plant at Schwarze Pumpe is the most modern and innovative of its kind in Europe. Raw material mining and power generation, fuel production and technological research go hand in hand to ensure efficient and environmentally-friendly value-added chains.

Refining means to bring the special value of a raw material to bear in an optimal manner. Treatment, drying in a combined heat and power process and shaping of the lignite during upgrading increase the heating value and improve the usage properties. The strict quality management from raw material to production to logistics ensures a constantly high quality of the fuel.

Lausitz  Energie Bergbau AG Schwarze Pumpe uses about five per cent of the crude lignite mined in the Lusatian coal field to produce high-quality fireplace briquettes and efficient industrial fuel. Exclusively lignite from the Welzow-Süd and Nochten open-cast pits is used which is characterised by especially low contents of ash and sulphur. Modern dust collector plants ensure low-emission operation of the refining plants.