Bulk goods range

The REKORD variety: Suiting your fireplace and individual heating requirements. Our bulk goods range: loose briquettes or bagged at your specialised dealer. Ideal for major heat consumers with a larger storage room.

Original REKORD-briquettes from a certified company.

iso 14001 iso 50001

High calorific value≥ 5.3 kWh/kg
High calorific value
≥ 5.3 kWh/kg

Long burning time
Long burning time

Nice flame
Nice flame

Long lasting embers
Long lasting embers

REKORD briquette 4'' H105

For medium-sized and small combustion chambers.
Well flowing and rolling for storage.

Block length approx. 105 mm
Block height approx. 73 mm
Block thickness approx. 44 mm
article number 551
EAN 4020748910016


REKORD briquette 2'' V52

The lignite nugget is ideal for (semi-)automatically fed boilers.
Very good ignitability due to large surface.

Block length approx. 52 mm
Block height approx. 61 mm
Block thickness approx. 40 mm
article number 571
EAN 4020748110010


Analytical reference values

Water 19 %
Ash 4.5 %
Sulfur <0.7 %
Calorific value 19 MJ/kg *

* Corresponds to 5.3 kWh/kg or 4,539 kcal/kg

REKORD briquettes from Lusatia are pressed from dried and processed lignite without the use of binding agents. They have a constant high quality which is continuously monitored in the laboratory. Look for the brand name "REKORD" as a guarantee of high-quality briquettes from Lusatia, the handy fuel.