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Fireplace planning

Feeling cosiness, warming body and soul — and at the same time saving heating costs: There are good reasons to buy a modern fireplace. Which heating appliance is the right one depends on your personal requirements.

The following aspects shall serve as a guideline. As a rule, you should consult an expert already at the planning stage!

Why a fireplace?

  • Do I intend to use the fireplace just rarely and for short periods of time or shall the appliance serve as an auxiliary heating?
  • What is the heat requirement, what do I wish to heat? Only the place of installation, adjoining rooms or the entire floor space?
  • Do I wish to see the flame?
  • What do I personally find more comfortable: Heat dissipation by means of air convection or radiant heat or both?
  • Do I wish to use just one type of fuel or be able to combine several types? Does my desired fireplace have a grate and an ash pan?

How much may a fireplace cost?

  • Am I looking for an inexpensive entry-level model or do I go in for quality and wish to have a long-life top-class product?
  • Do I wish to remain flexible or live long-term in my present home?
  • Do I attach importance to hand-crafted, customised design or is a series-produced appliance sufficient?
  • Does the supposed "bargain" really meet all applicable requirements?
  • What additional costs will be incurred, e.g. for an additional chimney?
  • How important is the manufacturer's customer service to me in case something should be wrong?

Are the external conditions right?

  • Can an existing chimney be used for my desired fireplace?
  • Has the landlord or owner given his permit?
  • Does the floor of the installation room have a sufficient bearing capacity?
  • Can all requirements relating to fire protection be met?
  • Are there ventilation systems, planned or existing, which may influence the operation of a fireplace?
  • Is operation of a fireplace for solid fuel permissible at all in the area where I live?

Who can give me advice?

  • As a rule, talk to your chimney sweeper before you buy a fireplace.
  • Get detailed advice from a specialised dealer.
  • Observe the appliance manufacturer's operating instructions.